Tuesday, December 2, 2014

building my portfolio | Alaskan Outdoor Newborn Session

Photographs have always held a special interest for me. Even as a child I loved to look at our family photos, over and over and over again. Since Riggs was born my interest has grown exponentially and expanded to actually taking photos myself. When Riggs was a few months old my father-in-law generously gave me his older Canon Rebel to use and I've been hooked on DSLR photography ever since.

It's such a lot to learn, however, and I feel like I'm really just skimming the surface of a very deep ocean of information regarding my camera settings, actual setting and posing, and then editing in photoshop and lightroom. It's overwhelming! My learning style is very hands-on so I've been trying to take as many pictures in as many different situations as I possibly can and am happy to have family and friends that oblige me and my picture taking.

My best friend and her husband just welcomed a new addition to their family, a handsome little man named Lane, and I offered to take some pictures for them when he was a week old (see my pictures of his older sister Lyla during her month-long NICU stay, here). I'm really happy with how the session went and with how the photos turned out and just loved getting to document such a special time in their lives.