Wednesday, August 10, 2011

life without plastic...and other random things

With a new baby on the way, Steve and I are really trying to make some choices now that will impact our child's life right from the beginning for the better.  One thing we feel pretty strongly about it choosing to raise baby with the least plastic possible.  Mostly, we are concerned about plastic dishes, spoons, forks, cups, etc.  Although most plastics now are BPA free, we still know that there are other ways for plastic to leech into our foods.  We have no idea exactly what chemicals are put into plastics, and many of the chemicals we do know are in plastics make them very hard to recycle (here's an blog post about just another plastic scare).  Plus, we try not to microwave very often, and when we do it is NEVER in plastic, so there's not really any point to storing things in plastic anyway.

Currently we use a variety of glass bowls for our leftovers, but since I plan on making my own baby food, we will undoubtedly need more.  I am planning on purchasing this set from Amazon at some point in the near future.
Anchor Hocking 10-Piece TrueSeal Storage Set 
These storage containers are made in the USA (really important too) and their plastic lids are BPA free and don't really come in contact with the food.  

I am not adverse to the idea of feeding baby out of glass, but once they are feeding themselves and have a greater chance of knocking the glass off the table, I would like to avoid things like glass shards in our feet (from crawling toddlers, to pets, to us adults, to running nephews, the likelihood would be high that there would be some sort of incident).  So something else I've been thinking about is wood for when baby is older.

Life Without Plastic <- This is a really cool website with plenty of products for eco-minded moms and dads.  I found some great items I would love to purchase here and thought I'd share!

Children's 4-Piece Japanese Wooden Lacquerware Set  Children's 5-Piece Japanese Wooden Lacquerware Set  Munchkin All Natural Wood Bowl & Spoon - BPA Free

I also found an amazing website with too many wonderful things to list for baby and child.
 <- SO many cool things here!

I guess I'm done for now, I could just keep adding and adding and adding things!  GO VISIT THIS WEBSITE! lol done now :)


  1. we don't do plastic either and the kids use canning jars for glasses, they are very durable, they have dropped them from our cafe height table and never broken one. we also have a variety of second hand dishes so if one gets broken (though none ever have) there are no sad feelings. plastic is scary very smart to start out on the right foot. they also make glass bottles now with rubber bumpers around them to keep from breaking if dropped, i have friends who love them :)

  2. Ok, you should have an email of what I sent. Making your own baby food is fun. I did it when John was little for a while. Then I had to go to work....bah! Love you (all three!!)

  3. Amber - Great idea with the mason jars! The glasses we have now would definitely break if a little person (or big person for that matter) dropped them, they are pretty thin glass :)

    AC - Thank you so much! Glad to know I have a resource to call when I need help (kind of like every time I make gravy lol). We three love you too!